Everything you need to Know about Vegan Coffee

Is coffee a vegan beverage?  Technically, yes. However, the way it is processed nowadays makes vegan philosophers argue over it. Don’t worry though, because the following article aims to clarify everything you should know about vegan coffee. If you especially believe that food should be processed in a way that the environment is not hurt, this article is for you. Read on also because we have a recipe of making the best coffee as a vegan.

Controversy about Sun-Grown Coffee

vegan coffeeUsually, coffee grows underneath small trees commonly found in tropical and sub-tropical areas. However, there is a new development in coffee production that has been a source of controversy in recent days. Some companies nowadays grow and harvest their coffee during the summer to speed its production. And to increase their revenues, these plantations add lots of chemical inputs every year to produce good coffee. In the long run, too many chemicals render landscape unusable. With this in mind, you can decide on your own whether you would consider taking sun-grown coffee or not.

Organic Coffee vs. Conventional Coffee

Another controversy about vegan coffee has often arisen from the labels used in coffee products. Conventional for instance represents coffee where farmers stayed for some time without spraying pesticides or using fertilizers on their coffee. Organic coffee on the other hand is a byproduct of coffee berries that were treated with few chemical spills or no contamination to the environment at all. Most vegans tend to dismiss coffee that was processed with the help of excess of chemical inputs but instead promote the use of organic coffee.

Rainforest Alliance Coffee

As a college vegan you probably don’t care much about these labels, but they have a big meaning. The Rainforest Alliance coffee for instance comes from areas where coffee was grown and processed in environmental friendly places.  Vegans who care about environmental protection mostly prefer coffee with this label.

So what coffee is good for a vegan?

Basically, any coffee whose processing supports your vegan philosophy is good for you. After all, remember that all coffee is vegan, unless when you add dairy products that don’t suit your philosophy. All the same, here are some ideas for your college vegan morning coffee, and how to make it good tasting.

Adding a Splash of Milk

While adding cow milk to your coffee can make it delicious, there are still alternatives for someone who’s totally given up animal products. Take Almond milk for instance and use it as your substitute. If you don’t have a preference for nut taste however, think of flax milk. You can also think of cashew, hemp milk, rice milk and soy milk just but to mention a few.

Add Vegan Creamers

Vegan creamers are tasty and good for your health. They are also good alternatives for someone who fancies coffee and all its variants. They include nut pods, coconut milk creamers, almond milk and Coconut nondairy coffee creamer. If you have always taken your coffee with sugar, these creamers will make your vegan coffee even more enjoyable. Someone who dislikes sugar can however substitute it with natural sweeteners like organic nectar, organic sugar cane and natural dark brown molasses sugar.

Vegan Coffee at the Restaurants

Nowadays, many restaurants, including college restaurants also sell vegan alternatives. With coffee it is even easier, because you just have to order coffee that lacks dairy products or additives you dislike. In most cases, basic coffee is usually vegan.  You can take basic iced or hot coffee anytime with no worries at a restaurant. But if you want to add some milk tastes to it, order for coffee with soy or coconut milk. It may cost you a little bit more, but it is good for your vegan lifestyle.

Vegan Coffee Variants

So you love latte but you want to go vegan? Don’t worry. Nowadays you can get a vegan based latte in standard restaurants in multiple cities across the country. You have to be nice while asking for a vegan Frappuccino or crema however. If you are rude, most attendants won’t follow your requests, and you will end up taking the dairy products you were probably avoiding. Some of the non-vegan additives found in latte and Frappuccino include whipped cream, Java chips and Caramel drizzle. Without the dairy products however, you Frappuccino will still be good and healthy for you

Another way to tackle latte the vegan way is by including the following ingredients the next time.

  • Soya mocha for your Frappuccino
  • Iced vanilla soy for latte
  • Coconut mocha for latte
  • Soy milk for cappuccino

Finally, preparing college vegan coffee is no different than preparing any other type of coffee. As such, any average coffee maker, though it’s always better to choose the best, and the right ingredients will be good to go.

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