Benefits of Going Vegan

Vegan is a lifestyle, but a complicated lifestyle to millions of people. The interpretation of vegan and its closely related cousin, vegetarianism, is often a source of great debates. In simple terms however, a vegetarian is someone who consumes plant products and sometimes animal based products like milk and eggs. By contrast, a vegan is a stricter vegetarian. In some societies, a true vegan not only does not use animal products, but they also don’t use products such as wool and leather. Below we discuss the benefits of going vegan however.

Nutrition Benefits

nutritional benefits of going veganVegan foods can give you all the elements of a balanced diet you need to survive in life. To start with, vegan foods are good sources of carbohydrates and minerals. In fact, vegan foods are the biggest source of healthy, carbohydrate sources. Foods with whole grains for instance help provide the necessary energy needed in your body. When it comes to providing vitamins, almost all vegan dishes can provide some vitamins. Nuts and all green vegetables for instance provide you with the potassium, magnesium and vitamins needed to fight diseases in your body. When you switch to vegan therefore, you get to experiment with a wide variety of vitamin giving foods that provide you with all the vitamins you need in life.

Health Benefits

Vegan people are without doubt some of the healthiest in the world. Don’t get confused though. Health is complex.  However, eating healthy vegan foods as already mentioned provide you with cholesterol free, healthy proteins, vitamins from fruits and minerals that help prevent or fight diseases. Maintaining a high level of healthy vegan foods therefore reduces your chances of getting affected by following: stroke, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and type ii diabetes. Nuts for instance and whole grains according to a British study helps reduce multiple types of heart diseases. Whole grains are also known to reduce blood pressure. As a male college vegan, you may also want to go vegan for the sake of preventing prostate cancer. Research actually shows that men with an early stage prostate cancer have a higher chance of stopping its progress if they switch to vegan.

Physical Benefits

physical benefitsVegan foods help lower your body mass index. That translates to a body less on fats and better on healthier weight. Again, a well-balanced college vegan diet can actively help you eliminate a substantial amount of weight from your body. On the other hand, fruits and other veggies generally help better the state of your skin. The vitamins deduced from nuts and spinach for instance helps heal lesions and small skin issues to give it a smooth, beautiful look. Still, many vegan foods help reduce bad odors and allergies. This is mainly because some odors and allergies come from animal products like eggs and milk.

Animal Welfare

Vegans are true animal lovers. Most of them believe in the fact commercialization of animals is cruel to animals, and should therefore be stopped. And true, animals are bred and reared in cruel places for the sole benefit of making more profits. Most factories for instance don’t provide proper health for sick animals. Instead, they mostly kill or abandon the animals to live in pain until it is slaughtered. Bulls are often slaughtered in inhumane and disturbing methods. Cockerels on the other hand are often killed in chicken layer farms because they are not valued. However, going vegan reduces the number of animals that go suffering. It also helps raise awareness about animal cruelty.

Additional Benefits

Generally, growing plants ask for far much fewer resources than maintaining animals. By going vegan, you help save on resources that could be used for other causes. Besides that, there are dozens other benefits you get as a vegan. For instance, the leading cause of bloody diarrhea is red meat. The disease is especially common among the elderly and young children whose immune systems are compromised. Salmonella, the disease, is also caused by coming into contact with contaminated raw eggs and chicken. When vegan however, your risk of getting such diseases is lower.

Easier to Prepare

vegan food is easy to prepareAn average vegan meal takes less than one hour to prepare and cook. That means you never have to skip a meal again in your life. Simply learn a dozen or so dishes and you will forever love your vegan dish. After all, you can replace almost any meat related dish with a vegan recipe counterpart. You can switch meat pizza with vegan pizza for instance.

Less weight in your body

Struggling to lose weight with no avail? Try vegan dishes. Most vegan dishes do not contain the dairy products and fats known to cause obesity. When you especially accompany your vegan dishes with healthy lifestyle habits, you can never get overweight.

Finally, vegan is a fun lifestyle. You will always be less stressed for instance, healthy and physically active at all times.

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