5 Easy Vegan Recipes

I went vegan back in my college years. At the time, finding a good vegan restaurant was a bit of a hassle. But fortunate for me, I knew how to make a few vegan dishes. Not so many dishes though, which is why I decided to widen my knowledge for preparing vegan dishes after college. If you just became a vegan, you can also learn how to make great vegan dishes. And even though you don’t have to reach college vegan chef standards, the following recipes could be helpful for you.

But first, the easiest way to adopt vegan dishes is to learn vegetable alternatives to the meat based products you once loved. Learning how to make a vegetable pizza for instance would be a better starting point for someone who dearly loves pizza. If you don’t know any meat alternatives for now, don’t worry. It takes some time to learn these dishes. But luckily, you can get started with the following recipes.

Chili and Stew

chili and stewIf you love easy to cook meals that taste good, try chili and vegan stews. You can prepare your vegan stew of beans and tempeh in less than thirty minutes. Simply take two pots and fill one of them with your favorite veggies. A good example would be a combination of vegan tofu, beans, chili spices and some greens. Make sure to add soup for some yummy broth. Then add some toppings of vegan cheese shreds, tortilla chips, onions and guacamole. If you cook them right, you will always yearn to have chili and vegan stews. Again, there are plenty of stews and chilies to choose from.

Well Cooked Vegan Burgers

vegan burgerYeah, I know. Most vegan burgers are plainly horrible. They often fall apart, they are a mess and don’t taste nearly as good as the original versions. But well, you don’t need meat to make a yummy burger. Instead, try other alternatives such as lentils, black eyed peas, broccoli, zucchini, beetroots, mushrooms or mashed potatoes. If you noted, none of all the aforementioned plants can fall apart when cooked properly. You can still add other vegetables like carrots, celery, bell pepper and garlic. But ensure you sauté the vegetables. It adds aroma and flavor. Again, season the ingredients and spice them up with some liquids to bring in moisture. Try soy sauce for instance or balsamic vinegar.


vegan pastaOne of my favorite meals as a college vegan was pasta. It was easy to cook, yummy and nutritious as well. Today, we almost have got an unlimited variety of pasta ingredients to choose from. You can pick Thai noodles for instance, Chinese lo mien, or Italian. Simply pick your favorite noodles and learn how to correctly cook them.  Yes, preparing pasta isn’t easy as it seem. If you prepare the noodles in a small pot for instance, you may end up with sticky, pasta. If you fail to add enough salt, your pasta won’t be good as well. But to make a complete, delicious vegan pasta meal, add any of the following. Spice up your pasta with spicy peanut sauce, lemon butter sauce or vegan Bolognese sauce.

Vegan Soup

Sometimes back, I was an addict of chicken soup. Today, I have replaced it with Apple butternut squash soup and I love it. Vegan soup goes especially well when you have a main dish like grilled cheese. But that’s only my taste. You can choose creamy or broth-based soup for instance. Some world famous types of soup you should dearly learn to prepare are Indian, Chinese and Eastern Europe soups. And irrespective of which variant you pick, it will always taste good with other vegan main dishes.

Grilled Vegan Cheese

grilled vegan cheeseIf you loved cheese when you were a child, you can also love it now. Today especially you can deepen your love for cheese recipes by adding specialties like vegan bacon, tomatoes and greens. And the good thing is that grilling cheese isn’t hard. Simply heat your skillet. Add a layer of vegan butter on a slice of bread. Add a layer of spinach, tomatoes and add your vegan cheese. Cover the slice of bread with another slice. Add some cheese on the outer layers of the bread slices and press the sandwich onto your skillet. Keep pressing and turning until it is properly browned. It should take less than an hour to make the cheese, and you will simply love it.

That’s all from me, and but it is not the end of college vegan dishes. If anything, there are dozens of recipes out there that could make you cherish vegan foods. Try learning vegetable pizza or tofu for instance. They are easy meals to cook and almost all your guests will love them. But as a secret, vegan recipes are only good as long as you prepare them right. Any mistake and everything could go horribly wrong.

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